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What Technology Does it Use?


IPL or Intense Pulsed Light, which is used by this device is a state-of-the-art hair removal technique. It gives you long-lasting freedom from unwanted body hair without any pain by destroying the targeted cells through heat.


Does it Have Any Side-Effects?


Not at all! Several studies all over the world have concluded that the technology used in our handset is completely safe. IPL is used in various other clinical applications around the globe.


Will I Feel Any Pain?


With the best laser IPL technology, our handset completely eliminates any kind of pain. All you feel is a warm sensation, which is because of the heat that's generated to destroy the cells.


Will it Remove Hair Permanently?


We believe in transparency and honesty, that's why we don't make any false claims. There's no type of laser technology, which can remove your body hair permanently. Beware of such claims! However, our handset gives you long-lasting results; which implies that on completion of treatment, you can get rid of the hair for as long as six months. For best results, it's advised to use the handset once a week for the first eight weeks and then use it once in three months.


How Long Will it Take to Get Results?


The results are usually apparent within just two treatments in most users and complete hair removal generally takes 12 sessions. However, it depends upon your skin and hair types.


Which All Body Parts Can I Use it on?


This handset can be safely and effectively used on any body part. However, just avoid using it too close to the eyes.


What's the Optimum Frequency of Using it?


For best results, use this handset once every week for the first three months. It can be used twice a week for the more stubborn hair; you can have 2-3 repetitions on such hair in every treatment. Thereafter, using the handset once in 2-3 months should suffice to get a completely silky smooth skin!


Is it Required to Shave Before Using it?


Yes, it's required to shave before using it. This allows the laser treatment to reach deep into the targeted cells, thereby giving you the best results.


What's the Warranty on the Handset?


The handset comes with a 12 months warranty!


Can it be Used on All Hair Colors?

Yes, you can use it on any hair color. However, if your hair is red, light blonde or grey in color, you'll need a couple more sessions as compared to a user with brunette hair. The reason is that this handset targets melanin in the hair. Since hair with darker shades have more melanin, it works faster and more efficiently on them.


Is it Required to Wear Eye Protection While Using it?


No, there's no need to use any eye protection while using it. The handset is designed to emit laser only when it's window is fully pressed against the skin. However, you should avoid looking directly into the window while using the handset.

 What's the Life of This Handset?


The handset is designed to be used for 3,00,000 flashes, meaning that it'll last for over a decade. You've to just follow the correct instructions of its usage.


What's the Power Output of This Handset?


The handset gives an output of 4.9J/cm2, which entails that it's completely safe to be used on your body and is highly efficient for use at home.


Can it be Used in Conjunction With Other Hair Removal Methods?


It's not recommended to use plucking, epilation or waxing before using this have because these techniques remove the hair with its root. If there's no hair to absorb heat, the IPL technology won't work. You should only use shaving before using it.

What are the Recurring Costs?

None, whatsoever! Unlike shaving, clinical treatments etc, this handset doesn't need any refills, replacements, fees etc. A single purchase will work for you for over a decade!

Can it be Used on All Skin Tones?

It's suitable to be used for all skin tones except the darkest ones. You can see our skin tone chart for details.



Is it Safe During Pregnancy or Breastfeeding?


Although there are no verifiable reports of any side-effects on breastfeeding or pregnant women, we recommend not to use it during pregnancy or breastfeeding period. This is just a precautionary measure!


Can I Use it on Moles or Freckles?


You shouldn't use it around significantly large moles or freckles. However, it can be used over small ones.

Can I Use it Over Tattoos?

Don't use it over the tattoos; rather go around them.


Can it be Used Before and After Tanning?


Once you've used this handset, it's recommended to wait for a minimum of 48 hours before tanning. If you've just undergone tanning, you must wait for two weeks before using this. You must also avoid using the handset with artificial tan.

How is it Powered?


It's powered by a 12V supply. We'll provide you with the right power supply arrangement based on your country of residence.

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